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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the intentions of Self Chain’s new proposal?

Shifting from a traditional wallet solution (EOAs wallet) to building Self Chain as a pioneering force, offering a Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and a keyless wallet infrastructure service. Powered by MPC-TSS/AA technology, Self Chain seeks to revolutionize multi-chain Web3 access and simplify the user experience.

What is snapshot number in a DAO proposal?

A snapshot is a record of the state of the blockchain at a particular block height. It means that you can for example track the holdings of a specific wallet back to a specific point in time. Snapshot, the voting platform, uses snapshots to validate if voters met the voting criteria at the moment of proposal creation. If a voter acquired required tokens after the proposal had been created, these newly acquired tokens would not be used for the calculation of their voting power. Therefore, if FRONT tokens are acquired after the rebranding proposal is created at Ethereum block 18989773, you will not have the voting power to vote on this proposal.

Why do I get the error Oops, it seems you don't have any voting power at block 18989773

The reason is that at the Ethereum block 18989773, your FRONT tokens balance is 0. Or your FRONT tokens are acquired after the proposal is created. Please ensure the current active network is Ethereum Mainnet

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